Photo and Video Consent and Opt-Out Policy

Photos and video recordings bring life to and help tell the story of Oak Springs Pool’s vibrant membership and rich history, enhance the quality of the information we provide to our members and give prospective members and visitors an idea of what to expect when they come to our pool. We would like to share photo and video recording from the pool in Oak Springs-produced materials, including, but not limited to, bulletins, posters, brochures, newsletters, post-cards, audio/visual presentations in print, digital and on the Oak Springs Pool web page website. Accordingly, by your joining as a member of Oak Springs Pool and attendance at the Oak Springs Pool you implicitly give permission to Oak Springs Pool to publish photo and video recordings of you and your guests as described above.

If you do not wish for photo and video recordings of you or your guests to be published as described above, please contact an Oak Springs Pool Board member so we can make appropriate accommodations.